Pianocarpet Large custom made

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A pianocarpet is not a normal carpet but is equipped with a heatshield. Placing only this heatshield under your piano does not look nice and therefore we use a carpet to incorporate this heatshield.


A pianocarpet large protects the case and the soundboard of the piano as well as the keybed and the legs against direct rising warm air from your underfloor heating. Rising warm air extracts moisture from your piano with the consequence that the structural gluing dries out and lets loose. The solution: Place a Pianocarpet underneath your piano!


On this page it is possible to order a large Pianocarpet custom made with maximum sizes of:
Length till 170 cm
Width till 70 cm
Fill out your sizes in the box: Make a choice
When your desired size does not match the sizes mentioned above please check the product: Pianocarpet Small custom made if this matches your wishes.
If this is not the case please let us know your wishes by sending us an email through the page: Customerservice. We will reply with an offer.

It is possible that the Pianocarpet has a deviation from the stated size of max 2%.

If you like we can send the order to another address, for instance the address of your client. We never enclose invoices by our deliveries so you client can never see your purchase price. If you would like to use this extra service you can fill out the address of you client at the end of you order.

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